Healthy Heart or Heart Healthy?

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This weeks blog article was written by my colleague, Debbie Kowit, from Pennsylvania. Having a healthy heart is big business, whether you are talking about efforts to repair, recover or prevent America’s #1 cause of death, heart disease or #3, stroke. Available at our fingertips are lists of remedies that include diet regimens, exercise programs and rehab guidance. Even if you have a healthy heart, you are probably already alert to how to watch for symptoms of a problem or you may be aware of Continue Reading

Owning our Health: Rethinking our self-imposed limitations


Are you afraid of failing? Who isn't?  My colleague, Anna Bowness-Park, explores how we can break the chains of self-imposed fears and limitations. We really are more capable than we think no matter what the challenge is, be it employment, health or relationships. Enjoy! Canadian Olympic gold medalist Adam Kreek was not happy. A new member of the team was a better rower than him, consistently beating him at races. Although annoyed, Kreek was also curious. What made this young rower more Continue Reading

What if health were catching instead of the flu?


 Many years ago a co-worker of mine was suffering from symptoms of a cold.  We were about to have our weekly meeting and he was in my office sniffling and sneezing. He kept apologizing and said he hoped I wouldn't catch it. I told him he could catch health from me instead and the look on his face was priceless. The somber expression turned into a huge smile and he said he had never thought of health that way before. After that we were able to proceed with our meeting since he seemed to be a bit Continue Reading

Does being spiritual and religious make you uncool?

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No matter how we define ourselves whether it's spiritual, religious, both or none of the above, this article might help us to understand this topic a little bit better. It was written by my colleague, Eric Nelson and was published in  Happy New Year! The Ariel Atom is one of the quickest cars on earth, reaching a speed of 100 km/h in just under 2.5 seconds. Even faster is the time between when some people say “I’m spiritual” and “but not religious,” as if within those few Continue Reading

Owning our Health: 5 spiritual gifts that avert toxic thinking and strengthen life

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Expressing qualities such as love, confidence, peace and so on can give you a health boost this holiday season and at any season. My colleague, Anna Bowness-Park explains how that can work. Happy Holidays to you all! Have you ever thought that you are gifted? Well, this Christmas take time to recognize that the gifts that strengthen your mental and physical health. A recent article in the Huffington Post by Carol Morgan pinpointed 12 toxic thoughts many of us commonly entertain that Continue Reading

Man’s best friend opens a path to solutions for Vets with PTSD


This article by my colleague, Tim Mitchinson explains another wonderful way our canine companions help us. Their unconditional love and loyalty is healing. As we observe Veteran’s Day this week, and honor all those brave men and women who have served this country so selflessly, I ask the question: What do you get when you put loving dogs, selfless trainers and veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder together? In many cases, a stepping stone to recovery. Post Traumatic Stress Continue Reading

My Healing Journey out of Migraines

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Here is another wonderful article by my colleague, Ingrid Peschke. It was recently published on Feeling like a slave to any chronic condition can be challenged and she tells here how she found her freedom... Anyone who has suffered from chronic migraines knows the feeling of not being able to think, just wanting to sleep and turn off the pain. For me, the headaches started in high school and continued into my early married years. They were sporadic but intense. I couldn’t Continue Reading

“Harry Potter Girl” Inspires Vision For Equality And World Peace

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Healing the global family describes this latest article published in the Huff Post Impact section by my colleague, Ingrid Peschke and gives some insight into how we can help with world peace. Just like Emma Watson, the newest UN Goodwill Women Ambassador and "Harry Potter Girl" stated in her recent speech, "If not me, who? If not now, when?" I was ready to do just about anything to avoid a confrontation. In fact, the very thought of meeting with this particular individual had made me feel Continue Reading

A Prisoner to Allergies No More

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My colleague, Debra Chew, wrote this article about how she found her freedom from allergic reactions through her spiritual practice. The article appeared in the September 14th edition of The I absolutely could not believe it! Here we were, new to Tennessee and invited to our first social event. The house was beautiful, full of our newly made friends – and here I was sneezing uncontrollably…eyes watering…and breathing troubled. We quickly finished the meal, made our apologies Continue Reading

Why Should I Be The One To Forgive?

Forgiving someone, especially when the thing done was unthinkable, is not an easy thing to do. The pain, anger, sadness and possible helplessness one feels as the result of domestic abuse or random acts of violence are tough things to bear. But, research shows that ultimately, forgiveness is the healthiest thing you can do. Still, how can one do that? In my experience the path to forgiveness wasn’t about excusing harmful behavior but was more about learning to let go. My first husband Continue Reading